Soul, R & B, funky, latin, contemporary jazz, rock & pop music

Rocco BRUNO - sax player & contemporary jazz

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Saxophonist, arranger and composer Rocco BRUNO has made his mark by merging a traditional jazz approach with an all-encompassing modernism that embraces song, rhythm and a strong sense of funky, soul, R & B and Blues. Rocco is basically self-taught, he never really took to other methods. He studied big band orchestration with guitarist Filippo Daccò and has worked and played with various groups, bands and music genres. This wide variety of experience has proved useful for acquiring knowledge of music and a personal style. 

As a sax player, he is versatile and has a good root soul in R & B and funk. Jazz music is his "passion" for the possibilities it offers to explore, to improvise and mix rhythms. Rocco can adapt to different musical situations and is ready to collaborate with musicians and ensembles playing jazz, fusion, funk, latin-salsa, rock and R & B anywhere in the world. He has a fair amount of recording studio session experience and plays both soprano and alto saxophone in addition to tenor with which he finds his fullest expression. He is drawn to everything which has rhythm, humour and vitality and his natural habitat is funk, African and Latin American music, especially that of Brazil.

Rocco Bruno began his work with a band called "Slam" in 1994 with the album entitled "no news, good news" which he composed, arranged and produced. It appears that this drive to produce his own things, to self-produce, has always accompanied him, just as with the books he began to write, produce and print at home in 2006 inspired by the Wachowsky brothers trilogy "The Matrix", and entitled "The Matrix, a modern parable”. 


Rocco went back to playing and producing music several years later, enriched by his personal journey of discovery, and went on to produce his second album in 2012 called "Opening Tune", which is a collection of songs written over the last 10 years.